2012 Art Show


The Amite Art Club held its Annual Fall Show on October 27th and 28th. The show was a great success. The judge for the show was Philippa Gillen, a self-taught artist from Madisonville. Philippa exhibits with the St. Tammany Art Association, New Orleans Art Association and Louisiana Watercolor Society.  

The show was well attended by art enthusiasts who had the chance to enjoy 127 unique and beautiful pieces of artwork.

The winners of the art categories are listed below.

This year’s Best of Show went to Ned Dameron for his oil painting of a group of abstract painters called “Irascibles”.
The People’s Choice award went to Janet Alford for her oil painting “Rusted Relic”

Winners in all the categories:


1st – Ned Dameron for “Irascibles”;  2nd – Janet Alford for “Rusted Relic”; 3rd – Sarah Soliwoda for “Rambo”.


1st – Betty Misuraca for “No Onion Patch Here”; 2nd – Carolyn Major for “Serenity”; 3rd – Carmel Foret for “Scenic Garden”; HM, Robin Vogt for “Hubby”; HM Geraldine Lanier for “Gilding In”


1st - Whitney Beck for “Couples Retreat””; 2nd – Rosemary Ydarraga  for “Eve” 3rd – Wendy Lindsey Castle for “Carrumba in Winter”; HM – Ruby Galloway for “On the Wing”

Mixed Media

1st – Martha Alexander for “Hawaiian Beauty”; 2nd – Kevin Buckley for “The Softest Touch Warms The Soul”; 3rd – Merrie Bennett for “There’s Hope on the Horizon”


1st – Ruby Galloway for “Bleeding Heart”; 2nd – Diane Pedelahora for “Day at the Aquarium”


1st – Ruby Galloway for “Eagle”; 2nd – Judy Dupepe for “Red Birds”

Egg Tempera

1st – Martha Alexander for “Touch of Gold”

2nd, Diane Pedelahore for “Peaceful Lagoon”


1st – Terry McCoy for “Dreamers”; 2nd Kevin Buckley for “Dreams & Nightmares”


1st - Luther Toliver for “Tears of Beauty”; 2nd – Alan Simpson for “Golden Winged Skimmer; 3rd - Wanda Klahorst for “Surfer”; HM – Carolyn Major for “Fall Leaves”


1st - Patricia Schmidt for “Blue Vase”; 2nd – Rosemary Ydarraga for “Love of Autumn”

Students Under 12

1st – Randall McNabb for “Waiting for Dinner”; 2nd – Emma McNabb for “Painted Beauty”; 3rd – Summer Davis for “Green Visitor; HM – Peyton Coniglio for “Swimming Worms”; HM – Lilly Jeffcoat for “A Lady”; HM – Ethan Jeffcoat for “Vase”

Students Over 12

1st – Marianna Rudolph for “Love Flowers”; 2nd – Nancy Ard for “LSU Tiger”; 3rd – Conner Travis for “Everything is Black Crayons”; HM - Aaron Buckley for “Sunset”; HM – Madeline Lanier  for “Pretty in Pink”; HM – Dontrell Boyd for “Wild Rose”

Many fine Businesses support the Art Club by acquiring Purchase Awards before the show.

We thank them for their support. They are as follows:

Amite Glass & Radiator bought “Silver Linings” by Terry McCoy

Charles and Kay Christmas bought “Tears of Beauty” by Luther Toliver

Drive-In Drug Store bought “Serenity” by Carolyn Major

Eastside Garage bought “Follow the Leader” by Janet Alford

Fast Plak bought “All By Myself” by Wanda Klahorst

Hometown Ace Hardware bought “Painted Beauty” by Emma McNabb

James Rogers, Jr.- Farm Bureau of Amite bought “Beach Cottage” by Pat Schmidt

Kat Kaw Nursery bought “Fall Leaves” by Carolyn Major

Lee Gray, CPA bought “Magnolia” by Carolyn Major and “LSU Tiger” by Nancy Ard

Brennan Kelsey-Kelsey Physical Therapy bought “On a Country Road” and “Boy’s Best Friend” both by Janet Alford

McKneely Funeral Home bought “Wine Daylily” by Carmel Foret

McKneely & Vaughn Funeral Home bought “The Retreat” by Martha Alexander

Mike’s Catfish Inn bought “Paw Paws Corn Crib” by Judy Dupepe

Murphy’s Family Restaurant bought “Florida Swan” by Betty Misuraca

Paul Davis Lumber bought “Waiting for Dinner by R. McNabb, “Eye of the Storm” by Carolyn Major, “Green Visitor” by Summer Davis, and “Spring is Here” by Martha Alexander

Professional Physical Therapy bought “Wren” by Ruby Galloway

Rick Webb - Louisiana Growers bought “The Softest Touch” by Kevin Buckley

Robbie Lee-State Farm Ins. bought “Fall Colors” by Robin Vogt

SABIS International bought “Couples Retreat” by Whitney Beck

Schilling & Reid Ins. bought “Beach at Mama’s Fish House” by Merrie Bennett

Thrift Town bought “Monarch Butterfly” by Wanda Klahorst

Dr. Kay Moser bought “No Onion Patch Here” by Merrie Bennett

Dr. Vance Misuraca bought “Blue Jay Fledgling” by Betty Misuraca

Weldon Russell Real Estate bought “Hope on the Horizon” by Merrie Bennett

Fred & Renee Carpenter bought “Eve” by Rosemary Ydarrega

Christiana Construction bought “Red Barn” by Pat Schmidt

Kay Simpson bought “Touch of Gold” by Martha Alexander and “Foragers” by Betty Misuraca